Regionale Schule mit Grundschule Hiddensee


Thats our home

On the Isle of Hiddensee you can´t only enjoy the fresh air or the nice sights, you can also play football on the sport pitch in Vitte. When your children are bored about hiking, they can go there and play with other children. If there are more players you can play with them on the big field. And if there are not so many, you can play on the little field.  And when there are too many  people,you also can play volleyball on the beach.

The harbor and marina in Vitte The first thing you see when you arrive on the island is the harbor. There you will find the tourists information, the white fleet, a few shops, an ice cream shop, restaurants and fishing boats. There are not as many fishermen as earlier. The white fleet is the only company that brings you to the island and back.  A few meters further on is the marina, where all the sailboats, yachts and small boats are.

Surf and Sail Do you want to do watersport on the isle? Go to the surf and sail shop in Vitte. Here you can hire surfboards, sailboats, catamarans, kayaks and stand up paddle-boards. You can also do courses and a surf- or sail-license. When you are there again after an exhausting day on the water and want to recover, you can drink soft drinks there. You can also buy clothes there like sun glasses, pullovers, t-shirts and so on.

The Hiddensee church The Hiddensee church is in Kloster and was built in 1332 and it`s all from an old monastery which has survived till today. In previous times the church had a bell tower but this was fallen down by wind. And in this year (2014) the church got new bells with nice sounds. Around the church is a cemetery. There you can watch the graves.

Homunkulus Homunkulus is a puppet museum next to the playground in Vitte. In Homunkulus you can drink coffee or soft drinks or eat ice-cream while you look at the puppets. Sometimes there is a puppet play in the Homunkulus. The museum is a part of the Seebühne Hiddensee.

Playground Vitte That’s the playground in Vitte. There are a lot of children every day in the summer. And it’s also the meeting place of the kids.

Here you can climb on a little house or go on the swing. There are two see-saws: a big for adults and kids and the other one for young kids. Each playground on Hiddensee has got a story. In Kloster there is the story of Jona and the whale shown by the wood figures. The story of the fisherman and his wife is shown in Neuendorf and in Vitte you can see the story of the wishing table!

The Gerhart Hauptmann-Haus The Gerhart Hauptmann-Haus isHauptmann’s Hiddensee summerhouse. He was there a lot. Today it`s a museum with a nice exhibition. Now a few facts about Gerhart Hauptmann: He lived from 15 th Nov 1862 to 6 th June 1946. Hauptmann was a poet and a writer. Here are some of his works: Das bunteBuch, GriechischerFrühling. But he won the Nobel Prize for his dramas.

 The beach You can go to the beach!  We take our friends and have a lot of fun. The water is often warm in the summer, about 18 degrees and more, so you can swim in the Baltic Sea. The life guards watch over you, that you don’t drown. You can just lie on the beach, too. It is very fine that you can borrow beach chairs, but it’s rather for tourists. At the beach you can play beach-volleyball, of course.